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Netflix, Inc. Reviews

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  • Poor disc quality

    Over the past couple years, I've noticed more and more problems with the playback of DVDs and blurays. It seems at least 1/2 the movies we get anymore will screw up somewhere in the middle and we'll miss part of a chapter or more to freezing up. The discs themselves often show little or no wear which tells me it's a quality control issue from the manufacturer side. Lately, we've been getting more and more discs that won't play at all. They won't even load in our bluray player. The last example was Interstellar. It wouldn't play so we asked for a... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    m1296's Picture   m1296    0 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix, Inc.

    I have returned the same titled movie three times now. I am convinced they are sending me the same broken dvd every time. I attempted to contact a live person but as everyone knows, there's no way to do that. I finally taped a note to the dvd and told them how I felt, knowing that someone in the mailroom will just throw it away and no one will ever see the complaint. Very, very disappointed in their zero customer service. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    RoyalPalm's Picture   RoyalPalm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Can't do anything on netflix

    For the past two days I have been unable to do anything on my Netflix account. I can't get my list, I can't browse, and I can't even search for anything. The first three lines, my list, popular on Netflix, and watch it again are the only things that have pictures of movies everything us below is blank. I can't even get the little info box about a movie to pop up. The only way I can get my list of movies is by scrolling all the way through them instead of going to my list page and scrolling down. What is going on, is Netflix fixing their page. I have been a member for a... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)

    I have also been charged for multiple accounts. As well as multiple charges within one billing cycle for one account. This has been going on for two years. I have contacted Netflix multiple times and receive the same 'blah-blah-blah'. Just this month, I have been billed 3 times for $17.48 on one credit card and 2 times for $13.13 on another credit card. When I contacted Netflix via Chat earlier this month I was again told they would credit my account and close the "never used nor authorized" account. A few days later additional charges (not credits) were made on my... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • No longer available

    In January I was watching The Hunger Games and had to pause with 20 minutes left until the end. I got delayed and by the time I came back, the movie was 'no longer available for streaming'. In Feb I was watching Jack Reacher. Same thing, 15 minutes left and I put it on pause. Came back and got the message the movie was 'no longer available for streaming'. Seriously? I'm considering canceling Netflix and using a pirate site that my kids use. I can download the movie and pick up from wherever I want - even when I don't have an internet connection.... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Not enough recent addons

    You know there are plenty of movies, older movies & tv shows that have been out for some time, like my big fat greek wedding or big bang theory, that you could be adding on each month.. There are hardly any recent additions each day or each month.. If this doesnt get better, i'm gonna cancel my membership cause whats the sense in having the service if you hardly watch it cause theres nothing on your interested in seeing. I hope this gets better. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Double Billed!

    I have been double billed for 3 months and customer service was so rude and refused to rectify the situation. My email wasn't working so my teenage daughter logged in under her email which prompted her to set up an account. She entered the same billing info so not sure why Netflix didn't realize we are the same account. They also checked to see that no streaming has occurred under my email. Customer service was robotic in their response which was basicly "Too Bad"....hard to believe they treat customers this way! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    luke13's Picture   luke13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix is a waste of $7 a month

    This company is an absolute joke. Not only does it only have shows that most people wouldn't pay to see, all unheard of or unpopular, it only works about 5% of the time. I have called in a few times and cannot believe that with the lack of professionalism from their customer service crew, that this company could possibly be so big. I have been given nothing close to help. If you get a male he will flirt with you, talk about the weather, call you "girl" and yawn and say I don't know. Or sit in complete silence. And if they do attempt to help they are reading off google as... More...
    Laurelgibbons's Picture   Laurelgibbons    0 Comments   Comments
  • About to end my subscription

    Never anything new worth watching! Every update there may be 1 new interesting flick and two dozen horrible titles that no one in Canada has ever heard of. Plus, just a few kilometers south in the USA, they have a much greater selection and at the same price that we're paying. My plan now is to re-subscribe every 3-4 months, rather than every month, catch up on the shows I watch, cancel and repeat. It would be no different than the current service, except I save on the 2-3 months of worthless service. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    bonesetter's Picture   bonesetter    0 Comments   Comments
  • netflix customer service

    I just cancelled my netflix account because they were billing me twice a month for unlimited streaming. This had been going on since October of last year and they couldn't explain how my old account was reopened and linked to my new account. When I asked for a refund or some sort of credit for being double bill, customer service told me it's not their policy to get refunds because netflix is a pre-pay service and the product had been used.n More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    hendawg74's Picture   hendawg74    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bitter Netflix fan

    I don't get this, I am Canadian watching Netflix in Canada... Why the heck are all the new releases Indian movies?? If I wanted to watch this garbage, I'd move to India or Pakistan to watch them!! And certainly not pay for it, even though its optional to watch, there are plenty of good movies out there, don't know why they have to put this crap on Netflix!! I can name a few good movies to watch that most individuals would agree with me, a few of the being, The Darkest Hour, the time machine, John carter. Driver, the mechanic! These are just a few movies of wht Netflix is... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Quickneasy's Picture   Quickneasy    2 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix

    All I wanted to do was watch Grey's Anatomy before I went to bed. So I got my mom's laptop and plugged it in and got all cozy in bed ready to watch. I go to the website, type in my account information, and Netflix was "unable to process my request". So I went to try and call customer service and yet again my "request was unable to be processed. I am not happy. Not only can I not get on my account, but I cannot contact Netflix to resolve the problem. I'm angry. And bored. Thanks. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    hannahdurbin1's Picture   hannahdurbin1    3 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix- bad customer service

    I have been a happy customer of Netflix off and on for many years. I like the selection that is available to me. I am currently using streaming only so I don't have to wait for a dvd in the mail. The quality is good, and since I don't have cable I watch Netflix A LOT. In the last three weeks, 12 shows that I watch on a regular basis (daily) have been moved to dvd only. I feel this is a move on Netflix's part to attempt to get me to subscribe to dvd only service. Wrong. I will be cancelling my subscription. I would rather watch the commercials on Hulu than be treated this way. More...
    robbiegomez82's Picture   robbiegomez82    1 Comments   Comments
  • no notification when billing

    I don't have a problem with netflix's service, except for one thing. They don't notify you when they are going to bill your account before hand they Also, there is no way to get it off of autopay, that I've seen. Netflix has overdrawn my checking account so many times because of it. Even though I like the service I'm paying for. The fact that it doesn't notify me when it charges my account is enough reason for me to just get rid of my subscription. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Skittles123's Picture   Skittles123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing

    I had just noticed my billing from my Credit Card statement that I was getting charged $17 and some change each month. Noticed it had been about a year. Apparently they started charging for streaming. I was never notified of the Increase from $8.00...To me, this is Fraud. I would like the company to Reimburse me the $100 it took from me over the last year... I am really pissed off. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    bschoepf's Picture   bschoepf    2 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix poor updating

    I dont really have a problem with netflix they have never really screwed me over however i am becoming very unsatisfied with there updating. I am sick of watching the same movies and tv shows over and over. There are plenty of good television shows already on netflix that are only 1 or 2 seasons when they are up to 8 or 9. they only update dumb shows in my opinion. im thinking of canceling because i never watch it anymore. More...
    omgitzjesiii's Picture   omgitzjesiii    1 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix has horrible customer service!!!!!

    My credit card date expired so my bank sent me a new card. Just because I changed my credit card number that was on file with netflix they wanted to CHARGE ME FOR TWO MONTHS OF SERVICE!!! I called and called and could not get one single person (including 5 supervisors) to understand that this is just absolutely ridiculous. To charge someone two months for changing credit card numbers. They acted like it was ok to scam people out of their money, even laughing when I told them I was going to cancel. The way they acted was just unbelievable. Not to mention the poor selection of streaming... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    missjasmine34's Picture   missjasmine34    1 Comments   Comments
  • poor customer service.

    I have netflix streaming and I decided to upgrade my service to receive streaming and one dvd at a time. I waited all day for the (dvd) movie to be released (stating it was being sent) and it did not happen. So, I called netflix and the customer service representative was really nice and told me she would send two movies out for the inconvience and both movies would two new releases I had requested. The next morning I checked to see if my account was updated and I noticed they were sending out one and it was an older movie. I called and asked what was going on and they told me they were... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    deeyoung's Picture   deeyoung    0 Comments   Comments
  • their service

    Netflex has screwed me out of 2 years of service that I have already paid. Netflex suspended my account and refuses to reinstate it until I give them an active credit card, even though I have 2 years worth of redeemed give certificate on my account. There was no notice, no phone call, absolutely no notice of the suspension. So I called last night to get the problem solved, guess what the customer service individual did not care at all, so I asked for the supervisor, after waiting for 5 minutes as he typed away on his computer, I sure sending the information to his supervisor, and... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    johnsch54's Picture   johnsch54    2 Comments   Comments
  • Interrupted Service

    I have used Netflix Canada for a number of months, and found it quite good (although limited in selection). However, I recently went to watch an episode of the TV series "Waking The Dead", and found they had deleted several seasons from the catalogue, with no notification so I could not keep continuity. I was also surprised that they have no mechanism to send a complaint or make an inquiry such as the above. If you are able to find an answer to why the episodes are missing, and if this will be an ongoing problem with Netflix, I would be very appreciative. Thank you, Bob... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    bobjam's Picture   bobjam    3 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service Flop

    I had bee a happy Netflix customer for the past 5 years until today. A few weeks ago a made an airhead mistake and sent back MY movie instead of theirs. I have a had a few problems before and have been successful when calling customer service, so i though "no big deal I'll just call them to see what I need to do". As I thought, I called and spoke to a customer service rep. He assured me that these things happen and it's no big deal. He said it takes approx. 2 weeks to be sent back once it's received. It has been 3 weeks and when I called today I was informed that... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    CSFlop's Picture   CSFlop    1 Comments   Comments
  • Instant Queue problems

    Repeatedly tried to watch Dexter on Netflix for a while until episode 4 season 1 had problems with video, it would become scrambled and broken. I reported it multiple times through the automated system, but when it wasn't resolved within a week I tried to find direct e-mail contact with no luck. Eventually the series was taken off. I was not happy. Now I'm trying to watch Battle Star Galactica episode 1 season 1, but it only plays the first 7 or so minutes of the show. I reported it again, and saw that others are having the exact same problem, so it's not isolated to... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    limelikegreen's Picture   limelikegreen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Netflix poor service

    My wife has been waiting for two weeks and after three phone calls to Netflix, they sent TWO copies of War & Rememberance Vol. 5 & 6 - She was waiting for Vol 4 - They keep sending us discs to appease us, but they can not send vol 4. I guess the problem is that they are listed as Roman Numerals and the person pulling the order is too stupid to know what IV means. I spoke with a supervisor who offered more free movies when I wanted an adjustment. Netflix knows nothing about proper customer service. The Supervisor said that I could talk to one of his peers (no one above him)... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Dissatisfied

    Internet service is expensive and only getting more so. My local cable and phone companies have discontinued unlimited internet options and I assume more companies nationwide will be doing the same. If you plan on moving your company in the direction of online streaming only, I will cancel. I know I won't be the only one. As it is, the main genre I watch is Japanese anime played in Japanese. I cannot stream this, as it is available only in english when streaming, and I want language and subtitle options. I would just select these shows to be sent by DVD, but they're only... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Netflix doesn't want your opinion

    There's no way to give feedback about their service except a generic selection of choices for streaming movie/dvd playback issues. DVD's available are not the same as streaming availability. There are no language options available for streaming movies, i.e. Japanese anime only plays in english. I want subtitles available when streaming to my TV. If they are trying to move their service to do online streaming only, I will cancel. Internet services are way too expensive to stream all of my movies. The recent price increase notice is not improving my opinion at all. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Sept 2011 Price Increase

    Netflix sent out an email yesterday announcing a price increase coming Sept 1, 2011. It splits the online streaming service and the DVD mail order parts of the subscription and charges 67% more for the bundle. This is a technology company, and technology is supposed to get cheaper as it matures. What is this??? I'm not paying to fund Netflix's Latin American expansion. Guess who is cancelling their subscription altogether on Aug 31? Great move for a "growth" company. Good luck meeting earnings estimates when enough people get hit with the sticker shock proposed by... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    letterman's Picture   letterman    2 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    I love watching shows on Netflix with the streaming option. Recently some of the shows I used to watch have been labeled "unavailable" for streaming, and now only available on DVD. When I went to the "Customer Service" page, the options for actually asking about that were non-existent. They have generic choices that you have to click on to reach the next page, which is more generic choices that have nothing to do with what I am trying to find out about. There is no window to type a question to send to them, and there is no email address. I guess they really... More...
    scrappycat11's Picture   scrappycat11    1 Comments   Comments
  • Billing

    I have been a netflix customer for about 6 months. For the month of April i did not have the funds to pay for netflix so they put my account on hold. Well on May 13th i was able to pey for netflix and get my services back on. Well one week later they put my account on hold again. I called their customer service and the guy who took the call was very rude and arguementative. He did not even care to try to resolve they issue. All he told me was that in order for me to watch movies i would have to pay again. And that he didnt care who i contacted to complain to. Then just like that he canceled... More...
    Scubasc7's Picture   Scubasc7    1 Comments   Comments
  • No selection poor service review

    Netflix advertises unlimited downloads of movies and other programs directly to your TV. However, the programs available for this are extremely limited. You can't even download most made-for-TV movies or documentaries. Additionally, the available bandwidth is pathetic. I can watch programs uninterrupted with my DSL Internet connection anytime except in the evening when usage is high. Then, you wind up waiting almost as much as watching. Tonight it took over and hour and a half to watch a program that lasted less than an hour. We are considering canceling the service due to the... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    365931's Picture   365931    0 Comments   Comments
  • Questions

    On a DVD package was an advertisement for a box(?) that would stream movies from Netflix to my TV. The box was $79 or 89 dollars. Could you send me complete information about this? How to install, monthly fee, etc. I presently pay 18.99 a month for mailed DVDs which are getting slower and slower till it hardly seems worth the price. And I am considering canceling. More...
    Nell27's Picture   Nell27    0 Comments   Comments

Netflix, Inc. Reviews By Product

Netflix, Inc. Comments

spellerz says: (4 years ago)
What is it with the drugs and gangster movies all people of color do not want to watch these kind of movies. Comev on there are good stories and tv showsn for people of color.

pacowboy54 says: (6 years ago)
I have tried every avanue to contact NETFLIX in reguards to my bill automated I purchased this in home and I am being charged $7.99 a month (twice) every month it is being charged to my checking account $15.98 I was told when we sign on and were seting it up that there was not going to be a charge, but since I think Feburary I have been charged the 15.98 ? PLEASE contact me at A.S.P. thank you Milton Wallace

stitchfamc says: (6 years ago)
I have been a customer since Dec 2004. I mailed 2 dvd's back on Friday and realized today I hadn't received any new dvd's. Went to their website and seen that my account was put on hold, no notification from them or anything. I called and ended up having to talk to a supervisor who informed me that my account was put on hold October 21 because they were investigating that out of last 3 months I reported not receiving 2 of the dvd's they said they mailed BUT THEY WENT AHEAD & CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ONOCTOBER 22 FOR OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 22. I asked him why am I being punished for the US Mail he said I wasn't then why am I being charged for a service I am not receiving and he replied I'm not. I then said then why did you charge my credit card? Couldn't get straight answer out of them. I canceled my membership and told him they need to credit my card back. We will see what happens. Ever since they changed their pricing, etc they have gone down hill. You would think now that we are paying more we would have better service. GOOD RIDDANCE!!


stitchfamc says: (6 years ago)
I have been a customer since Dec 2004. I mailed 2 dvd's back on Friday and realized today I hadn't received any new dvd's. Went to their website and seen that my account was put on hold, no notification from them or anything. I called and ended up having to talk to a supervisor who informed me that my account was put on hold October 21 because they were investigating that out of last 3 months I reported not receiving 2 of the dvd's they said they mailed BUT THEY WENT AHEAD & CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD ON OCTOBER 22 FOR OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 22. I asked him why am I being punished for the US Mail he said I wasn't then why am I being charged for a service I am not receiving and he replied I'm not. I then said then why did you charge my credit card? Couldn't get straight answer out of them. I canceled my membership and told him they need to credit my card back. We will see what happens. Ever since they changed their pricing, etc they have gone down hill. You would think now that we are paying more we would have better service. I'm waiting to see if they have credited my card back. In the meantime I am contacting my credit card company. GOOD RIDDANCE!!


madababy123 says: (6 years ago)
I've been a customer of netflix fora number of ears and i've always rented out 2 movies (dvds) at a time at first it was about $12.00 a month then it went up to $14.00, and the most recent was $15.99 + tax ($16.19) for 2 dvds. Since they uped the prices on everything i chose to get only the streaming moving for $7.99 a month. I find that most of the movies are from the 1960', 1970, 1980's etc. very little are newer releases. Their movie selection sucks for $7.99. What a ripoff!!!!!

HotInTexas says: (8 years ago)
I am seeing a real downturn in consumer satisfaction with Netflix regarding their current releases and availability. My subscription has started showing all new releases as being Extreme Long Wait. What is it with Netflix, market their product too cheap and now can't afford new movies? NF you need to do two things. 1) Adjust rate to allow you to meet customer demands and 2) start moving newer movies to Instant Queue. Just my thoughts.

TOPDOG01 says: (9 years ago)
I'm lucky to be near a center, so I get a fast turnaround. I have had, only,a few bad DVDs over the three years.Several lost in the mail.The instant move download was really bad. When I installed Silver light it improved significantly. It could still use improvement. The time out is a real pain. When I let the buffer run, it times out. Not a very good idea. I would like to see them switch to the Divx format, for a far superior picture, and do away with the timer.

dawna says: (9 years ago)
I have been a subscriber since 2001 and have watched the service steadily decline over the years. I went from being able to receive a movie from several states away in a single day to not being able to have that level of service with a distribution center right here in my town. Also, getting new movies is next to impossible. I had one at the top of my list for several weeks, only to watch as NF bypassed it for my second choice and then listed my top choice movie, the one I had been waiting for, as "long wait." Guess this is how they treat their loyal and long-time customers?? Ready to just expand my cable and forget about their games. Not happy here at all.

rayme says: (9 years ago)
I have been waiting over two months for some recent releases. I started renting them from the machine at Walgreens and then removing them from the Netflix list. For $4-5 per month, I can see all the films I want by driving .5 mile to the drugstore. Much better deal.

alnello says: (9 years ago)
Netflix has sunk to new lows. With over 54 dvd's in my queue, I can't seem to get Netflix to mail out a dvd in less than a week. There new response this week is "all the first dvds of the series you have selected are out." How convenient, they work overtime to come up with all these lame excuses each week. Guess I'll go with Blockbuster.

beehtovensfifth says: (10 years ago)
Netflix is great, we love it and the free movie viewing online is great too! Never had a problem with them. Granted a disc gets olded out once in a while but that's to be expected. Would be nice if they could clean them up a bit more I guess before sending out but otherwise, perfect system!

842860 says: (10 years ago)
Stop sending me damaged DVD's

842860 says: (10 years ago)
The last netflix "the new world" was scratched and not viewable. The one previous was scratched and kept stopping. Perhaps the discs should be more carefully checked for defects. I will return the New World and request that you send me a viewable copy. Thank you Vito Giordano

keitht says: (10 years ago)
I too have fualty disc's. About 1` in 4 that skip or hangup. What is the name of that other company?

Lattsmevine says: (10 years ago)
Still a great way to rent movies. Especially if you have young kids and can't get out to the theaters. Usually great companies like this fall off over the years, but I have to say Netflix still delivers for a great price.

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